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Stem Cell Strong

1.40 LBS

Stem Cell Strong is a complete body rejuvenation formula with over 30 superfoods and herbs to help your body regenerate from any issue.

It does this by first helping to increase stem cells. Studies showed 140% increase in 6 weeks in thestem cell colony counts inside the bone marrow.

Also key ingredients increase the release rate and were shown to improve it by 60%.

By improving release rate and colony count, you get a huge infusion of stem cells offered in no other product.

Yet for stem cells to do their jobs properly, hormonal support is necessary. Byreducing binding proteins and stimulating natural growth hormone production,the stem cells get the best environment to begin their healing work.

Included in Stem Cell Strong is joint support with MSM and Glucosamine. Really adding to the effect.

Many of the hormones improved with this supplement arethe best anti-inflammatory chemicals known to man. If you have joint pain, this product is highly recommended.

Additionally, Stem Cell Strong assists powerfully in thereduction of free radical damage, making it a true anti-aging fountain of youth.

Product Videos

Stem Cell Strong Superfood Supplement Dr. Nick Delgado 01:56

Dr. Nick Delgado talks about his superfood supplement Stem Cell Strong.

  • Stem Cell Stro...
    Dr. Nick Delgado talks about his superfood supplement Stem Cel...
  • Stem Cell Strong
    A Stem Cell Strong explanation by Dr. Nick Delgado

Product Reviews

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  1. A must have

    Posted by Dr. Delia Sheppard on 20th Dec 2014

    Excellent product, beautifully composed by the knowledgeable Dr. Nick Delgado and his team. Great taste and consistency too.

  2. Hormone Help

    Posted by Mary on 18th Oct 2014

    I decided to try this as an adjunct to Estro Block Pro and the Liv D-Tox, and I have been very happy with it. I take it twice daily, with a few days off now and then, and I always feel a burst of energy after taking it. I just mix it with water or carrot juice, but the taste is compatible with anything – very pleasant – the carob and cacao are the most noticeable tastes. It is essentially a whole-food, super-food vitamin supplement, so I quit other supplements, except Estro Block Pro and the Liv D-Tox and Slim Blend. I have noticed improved strength in my legs since taking, and I am not as tired after a long day. Nails, skin, and hair better too.