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IgG 184 Food Allergy Panel - Blood Draw

Allergy 184 IgG-WithOut
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This Delayed Food Allergy Panel Requires a Blood Draw

  1. Bring the test kit to your healthcare provider to have your blood drawn. From one tube of blood we can test for many different allergies and sensitivities.
  2. The test kit contains a FedEx Lab Pack to ship the specimen to Alletess Medical Laboratory. For U.S. residents, all shipping and handling is paid by Alletess.

The rate that our bodies react to allergens can be grouped into two categories: Immediate and Delayed. In an Immediate reaction, the body produces IgE (Immunoglobulin E) which instantly reacts thus making them easier to identify. These serious reactions can be life-threatening and require the expertise and treatment skills of a medical doctor to develop the best plan to avoid and respond to a IgE reaction. The IgE response is NOT the reaction being evaluated here with our food allergy test.

When the reaction is observed more than 72 hours after eating a specific food, a Delayed food allergy or intolerance is at play. The time that it takes for the intolerance to show symptoms makes it hard to identify which food is causing the reaction. One of the best way to identify these delayed food allergens is with a blood test that identifies your personal sensitivity to a list of the most common ones.

In a delayed reaction, the body produces the antibody IgG. Aside from being the most abundant antibody, IgG also produces the most common reactions to food allergies. These unidentified food allergies can compromise your immune system, disrupt normal digestion, and are also said to be linked to a number of chronic diseases such as ADD/ADHD, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Autism.

The following is a list of what foods are tested in this panel:


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